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Accidental Emporer Reel 2 Accidental Emporer Reel 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny, in that Ren & Stimpy sort of way...

It could have been better synced, but it was still funny. I didn't see the first episode, and was still able to pick up on it. Also the John Kricfalusi influence is blatantly obvious. (Ren & Stimpy was probably his best known, but he's done Mighty Mouse, Ranger Smith, Ripping Friends, etc.) I guess that kind of humor isn't everyone's cup o' tea, but I like it.

Phantom_Fleet ep.1 Phantom_Fleet ep.1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

So where's the "movie"?

Ok... Great intro sequence, but where's the actual movie?

I'll give you credit for animation and maybe a plot outline, but it's just a trailer more or less.

Sound-wise the music is good, but no voice acting?

If you can follow up with same level work, but with something more substantial to the story - you'll get a better review next time.

starwell ep12:Captain80s? starwell ep12:Captain80s?

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny PSA cartoon

Seems like one of those PSA (public service announcement) type things. Pretty funny in how it's done.

Graphics : 7 - not bad. Not stellar either, although I doubt they're intended to be. They're good enough for this type of thing though.

Style: 8 - Funny. Has that ol' 80's kids 'zine feel to it. I was a kid back in the '80s, so I guess I know that "style" is.

Sound: 8 - Nice and clear. No blown out audio or anything inaudible. The looping music starts to get old if you notice it though.

Violence: 0 - Death by overeating and bad health doesn't seem all that violent. Nobody was beating up anyone or trying to either. So it gets a pretty "G" rating of 0.

Interactivity: 0 - It's a movie. Watch and enjoy. So a zero here doesn't count for much.

Humor: 8 - The quirkyness and inane banter between the two heroes, while the victim/citizen gets away is pretty funny. Seems to remind me of Napolean Dynomite in some regards, but I'm not sure why.

Overall: 7 - It's good. Not outstanding good. Not excellent good. Just good. It's something to watch if you find quirkyness funny.

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Shoo Fly Shoo Fly

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Short & Sweet

Graphics 10 - You did a great job of animating and drawing. It all flows smoothly. The results were worth the effort of frame-by-frame animating.

Style 10 - It's Anime style. The points there aren't for that, but rather that everything is consistent. Also the choreography to the music is spot on.

Sound 10 - Music comes through nice and clean. Not overly compressed, over amplified, or muddied some other way. Also synchs perfectly to the plotline.

Violence 1 - She's trying to mash a fly. But who hasn't done that?

Interactivity 1 - Some movie controls. It's short enough that it doesn't really need them. It's a movie, so even 0 can be fine here. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Humor 7 - There could have been more cliche destructive stuff happening (as in other classic cartoons with the exact same plot), but it's still funny.

Overall 8 - It's very good, nothing wrong with it animation-wise. Probably could get a 10 if a little bit more original and funnier.

A Theft of Funny (TTA) A Theft of Funny (TTA)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad for a budget of zero.

Graphics and style 8 and 9 respectively. Pretty close to the toon that inspired this one, not perfectly smooth - but what can one expect on the budget.

Sound: Could be better. Levels and quality were good, as well as the usual WB theme music. Voice acting on some characters was off (Plucky), so that's probably what hurt it.

Violence: 1- This is for the typical cartoon violence. Nothing too gruesome here folks.

Interactivity: 0 - Not necessarily a bad thing. It just means I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Humor: 5 - The typical WB cliche stuff and an ok attempt at some adult humor. Nothing too spectacular, but nothing gawd-awful either.

Overall: 7 - I appreciate the attempt to re-create a series that ended a bit sooner than it should have. (This would be true for Animaniacs as well, if anyone cares to give it a shot.) Problem was the timing. In some parts, too much was happening at once. Also Bugs just didn't seem natural. He just seemed stilted. (Remember he's either all cool or all crazy.) Also there's gotta be some better flow to the story. Hopefully these nuances will be worked out better in the sequel.

buster126 responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, I'll make sure to avoid making the same mistakes in future animations. :)